You can intercept and modify network traffic from any terminal instance.


  1. Launch the terminal of your choice
  1. Click on Connect apps button and a popup modal will open. Under Terminal processes section click on Setup instruction for Terminal.
  1. Copy the command shown and paste it in terminal.
    1. . <(curl -sS localhost:7040/tpsetup)
      ⚠️ NOTE
      This command might different depending upon port availability. Checkout in Connected Apps > Terminal
      notion image
  1. If the command succeeds, you should see Requestly interception enabled in your terminal.
  1. Now all you requests from you Terminal should show up in the Network Traffic Tab.

Testing Proxy

  1. Go to Network Traffic tab in Requestly Desktop App.
  1. Now Make a curl request to https://amiusing.requestly.io/ using your terminal and look for that request in the network interception tab.
    1. curl https://amiusing.requestly.io/
  1. You should see the Request in the Network Traffic Table.