Share Session


Share Session

Once a recording is saved, you may share it with your developers or other team members for further investigation.
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Sharing options

  1. Private: select if you don't want to share the recording with anyone and just want to keep it for your future reference. In case of recordings made in workspaces, private recordings will only be visible to members of the workspace.
  1. Anyone with the link: select if you want the recording to be accessed by anyone on the internet.
  1. All members of my organization - select if you want the recording to be accessed by anyone in your organization. The support for this option is coming soon...
  1. Only with specific people - select if you want only specific people to access it. For recordings inside workspaces, it will also be visible to members of the workspace
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As the owner of the recording, you will always be able to access it, modify or change the above setting.

Get shareable link

Click on Copy Link button in the dialog to get the recording link which you can share with the selected audience.
When it is set to be shared with specific people, they will automatically receive an email notification with the link.