Android Apps


Android Apps


  1. Download the Requestly Desktop app, if you haven’t already.
  1. Start the App and ensure that your android device and your computer are on the same network.

Setup your android device for interception with Requestly

Setting up an android device requires the following one-time manual setup. In case you forget, you can get these detailed steps inside the desktop app by by clicking on Connect Apps button as shown below. A popup modal will open, click on Setup instructions for Android under Mobile apps & browsers section.
notion image

Setup Android Proxy

  1. Open Wi-Fi settings by navigating to Setting > Wi-Fi > Select Current Wi-Fi > Modify .
  1. Set Proxy settings to Manual.
  1. Enter the host IP and the proxy port. You can find these on the top banner inside the Requestly desktop app
    1. notion image
  1. To ensure that the proxy has been set, visit If the rendered page shows success as follows, means the proxy is now correctly configured in Wi-Fi settings.
    1. notion image

Download certificate

  1. Open Incognito window in your browser
  1. Go to
⚠️ Use http here, not https
This will download RQProxyCA.pem.cert

Trust Certificate

  1. Open Trusted Certificate Settings by navigating to Settings -> Security -> Encryption & Credentials -> Install a Certificate -> CA Certificate.
  1. To install this certificate, select Install Anyway and select the certificate RQProxyCA.pem.cert.
  1. To verify Certificate trust settings are now active, go to Trusted Credentials -> User. RQProxyCA should be present here. Alternately, you may simply begin submitting requests and watch as they are logged in the Requestly Network Tab.