Desktop Browsers

To start intercepting and modifying network traffic from a browser using Requestly, you need to connect the browser first. Follow the steps to connect browser of your choice.
  1. Click any one of the Connect Apps button as shown below.
    1. notion image
  1. This will open a popup modal which consists all detected browsers on your system, along with other sources that Requestly supports. Select the browser that you want to launch.
    1. notion image

Intercepting an existing browser profile

If you are trying to intercept traffic on an existing browser profile, all running instances of that browser will first be closed. So make sure to save any progress that you might have made before starting the interception.

Launching browsers with custom arguments

To launch browsers by providing custom launch arguments you can use the dropdown next to the launch button.
notion image
This should show you a set of preset launch configurations:
  1. Without Safety Checks: This sets the following flags:
    1. --allow-running-insecure-content --allow-insecure-localhost --allow-third-party-modules
  1. Without CORS: This launches the browser with --disable-web-securtiy flag set
  1. With Custom Arguments: This allows you to specify your own custom launch arguments. Currently this is only supported for chromium based browsers.
    1. You can find a comprehensive list of arguments here