Introduction to Requestly API



The Requestly API endpoints let you integrate Requestly into your CI/CD Pipelines. It allows you to create and work with your rules.
  • You can add, update, delete, and read rules with the API.
  • Programmatically access data stored in your Requestly account
  • Integrate Requestly with your CI/CD workflow.

Example use case

Easily test changes related to a PR without needing a staging environment Automatically create staging JS bundles on PR creation followed by creating a Requestly Rule programmatically using Requestly API in a team workspace. The user can then name the rule depending on their PR name.

Getting Started

You will need an API key for accessing the endpoints. Each api key is associated to a specific workspace and cannot be used to access the rules of another workspace.
Requestly API is currently in BETA. Fill this form to get your API key today.

API Playground

Once you have your API key, head over to the playground which makes it very easy to understand how the API works.