Import Setting from Charles Proxy


Import Settings from Charles Proxy

If you have been using Charles Proxy for network debugging, you may have created a set of settings using the Charles Proxy tools to modify HTTP requests. You can import these tool settings in Requestly in just few clicks.
The following list contains the tools that you can import from Charles Proxy:
  • Rewrite
  • Map Local
  • Map Remote
  • No Caching
  • Block lists
  • Block Cookies

Steps to import

  1. From the Charles top menu bar, select Tools > Import/Export Settings
    1. notion image
  1. A new popup window will open. Switch to Export tab and under Tools section, select the tools you want to export and click on Export button appearing in bottom-right corner.
    1. notion image
      To import a single rule just follow the same process, while selecting the rule just select the specific rule which you want to export.
  1. Open Requestly Desktop app, if you don't have any rules then you will see Import settings from Charles Proxy button, click on it.
    1. notion image
  1. Drop or select your exported Charles .xml file here.
    1. notion image
On Successful import, the Charles Proxy tool settings will show up as Requestly rules.
See an example import below:
notion image
Your rules will be grouped in Requestly according to the tool name from Charles Proxy